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Malcolm Clarke, MD of Baxall Construction

Jack Myers | Founder
MediaVillage Education Foundation

“MediaVillage is the media and advertising community’s leading site for search, original journalism, thought-leadership and native content serving the media, advertising, marketing and entertainment communities. The platform hosts an archive of more than 8,000 commentaries on a wide-range of relevant industry topics and serve as the publishing home of more than 60 industry leaders and popular journalists.”


“Offering Transformative Knowledge”

In the tradition of media ecology, Jack Myers is a cultural critic and thought leader who has devoted his career to analyzing and understanding the complex relationship between media, technology, and society. Through his work as a media ecologist and founder of Myers has emerged as a leading voice in the media and advertising industry, offering insightful commentary and innovative solutions to these fields' challenges in the digital age. Myers' work represents an essential contribution to the area of media studies. Through his insights and analysis, Myers has helped people better understand the role of media and technology in their lives and develop new strategies for thriving in the digital age.

Myers recognizes that the media being used and consumed plays a vital role in shaping human perceptions of the world around them. As such, he has sought to develop a deep understanding of how media and technology influence values, beliefs, and behaviors. Through his writings, speeches, and consulting work, Myers has explored a wide range of topics related to media ecology, including the impact of digital media on attention spans, the role of social media in shaping public opinion, the cultural implications of generational and gender shifts, and the challenges and opportunities facing traditional companies in the digital age.

MediaVillage is a non-profit organization providing free, accessible knowledge for individuals, companies, and trade associations in the advertising-supported media industry. They recognize the need for a modern workforce and invest in leading-edge technology to advance the industry’s commitment to a culture of learning and growth. "To achieve goals, we recently converted to a 501c3 non-profit to enable all companies, organizations, educators, and students to use our innovative tools and resources that help them learn, prepare, and communicate effectively," says Myers.

In the 1990s, Myers’ economic forecasting on the future of media technology led several companies to retain him to guide the reinvention of their advertising media strategies and organizational priorities. His work with General Motors, Aegis Group, and several other clients redefined the media planning and buying business and set in motion the dynamics that prepared many companies for the digital and streaming age. Hallmark Channel has effectively used MediaVillage to identify and implement a communications strategy that has positively influenced the perceptions of advertisers and media agencies, especially those who might not be regular viewers of the channel.

One of the most significant achievements of MediaVillage resulting from the revolutionary approach of Myers is the creation of the MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange. Knowledge Exchange is a digital marketplace and community that connects media and advertising executives with industry partners, providing access to exclusive research, content, and events. It has become a go-to resource for media and advertising professionals seeking to stay informed about the industry's latest trends, insights, and technologies. The platform has helped to facilitate collaborations and partnerships between companies and has played a crucial role in advancing innovation and growth in the media and advertising sectors. Overall, the Knowledge Exchange has been a significant achievement for MediaVillage and has established the company as a leading voice and thought leader in the industry and academia.

Myers is considered revolutionary in the media and advertising industry for his forward-thinking and innovative approach to business and his dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion. He’s been a champion for breaking down siloes that prevent companies from investing in innovative business models and organizational transformation. One of the critical factors that set Myers apart is his early recognition of the transformative power of digital technology and its potential to reshape the media and cultural landscape. He was an early adopter of digital media and was one of the first to understand the importance of data-driven marketing and the shift toward personalized, targeted advertising. Myers introduced the first daily fax newsletter, The Myers Report, and was among the earliest to distribute daily industry commentaries and economic data via email. His Forum for the Development of Interactive Television in 2000 was the first to merge industry support for advanced television technologies.

Myers' innovative thinking, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and deep understanding of the media and advertising landscape have made him a revolutionary figure in the industry. His leadership, advocacy, and cultural insights have helped to drive progress toward a more diverse and inclusive media and advertising industry and have inspired many others to join the cause. PTI